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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cradle Will Rock: to be performed at HOWL!

The HOWL Festival supports the Arts in the Lower East Side with (among other things) a Festival once a year (information on this year's festival).

(2009 Howl Festival)
One of theshows they are doing is "The Cradle Will Rock". If you saw the movie (which was about making the show - not a performance piece) you know what it is about. If not, here is the press blurb.
The controversial Marc Blitzstein ‘play in music’ about greed, corruption and the plight of the worker... On a June evening in 1938, director Orson Welles, producer John Houseman and the cast and crew of a new Broadway musical were locked out of their theater on opening night by armed servicemen under orders from the Federal Govt. Without costumes, sets, lights or sound, Welles and Housemen found an unused theater, rented an upright piano and marched their audience up Broadway for what has become the most historic theatrical opening ever recorded. The entire libretto, performed from the audience by actors forbidden to step onto the stage, received a 40 minute standing ovation, as legend has it. Musical Direction and Piano: Mimi Stern-Wolfe, Stage Direction: Larry Marshall, Production Coordinator: Jeannine Otis, Choreographer: Laura Stilwell. Starring Laura Wolfe, Brian Henry, Jeannine Otis, Michael Schilke, Paul Malamphy, Darcy Dunn, Mark Singer, Zak Risinger, Gavin Esham, Greg Senf, Ryan Cahill, Charles Baran, Steve Sieck, Go Takeuchi, Tom Savage, Marcus Moss. Door proceeds to benefit The Actors Fund for HOWL!
If you are interested, it sounds great! Go here for tickets.

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