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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tell The Way: Nico Muhly and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus at Saint Ann's Warehouse

In Tell the WayNico Muhly takes us on a musical and cultural voyage with travel diaries revealed by divergent voices, sitar, banjo, strings and electronica. As both composer and captain of the ship, Muhly has gathered a fantastic ensemble of artists for the journey, each with a special style and sound, channeled through the medium of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Our young singers display a range and palette of sound that belies their age and transcends the traditional angel chorus role.  While BYC has accompanied both classical and non-classical artists, ranging from the New York Philharmonic to Lou Reed to Grizzly Bear, in this program, they perform all of it at once! With so much talent and youthful energy converging on St. Ann's stage, Tell the Way is sure to be the best round-trip ticket in town!

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