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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Go and Investigate Locker 4137B

Locker 4173B, now playing at the Monkey, is the inspired work of the New York Neo-Futurists. Written and performed by Christopher Borg and Joey Rizzolo, it is a crunchy cartoon come to life, which only slowly reveals a warm emotional center – an off Broadway HoHo®, if you will.

Inspired by tales of riches, and ratings of reality television, our intrepid heroes set off to purchase a foreclosed storage locker, and weave a tale from the contents therein. They embark on the enterprise as archeologists, equal parts Phileas Fogg and Mr. Magoo. Their attire and attitude set a tone of humorous befuddlement. The gentlemen make erudite and joyous guides.
Christopher Borg and Joey Rizzolo, Writers and Performers in Loceker 4173B
Pompous self-importance is an effective choice in telling the story of Locker 4173B. The play starts as a lark, a happenstance method to construct a show. The stories which lockers reveal are played out for laughs, and are quite funny as presented. During the show, Yeauxlanda Kay reads from a journal with a dignity entirely out of proportion to the contents within.  There is excellent use of video footage, produced in a 1960’s classroom instruction style, to explain how a storage locker is purchased and where it is located. As presented, the video adds to the sense of whimsy.

But slowly the perspective changes and the proceedings gain heft. These faux archeologist's are not recreating some long lost civilization, but piecing together the history of the owners of these lockers. And, it is the story of owners who couldn’t afford rent, or weren't around to retire their contents. The realization brings out self-discovery in these two. Not the exaggerated self-discovery of slapstick, nor histrionics and gnashing of teeth, but a subtle honest discussion of their own memories which are triggered by these items.

Locker 4137B’s emotional punch sneaks up on the audience, prompting reflection and a bit of introspection. Director Justin Tolley does a good job of keeping the action moving for those most part.

The show could use some editing, as it bogs down in a few places. There is a long and detailed examination of a life, which later proves to be incidental. The length is particularly noticeable in the theater without air conditioning. However, these are minor blemishes in a very very good show. I highly recommend Locker 4137B.

Locker 4137B
The Monkey (tickets and website)
Director: Justin Tolley
Playwrights: Christopher Borg & Joey Rizzolo
Cast: Christopher Borg, Joey Rizzolo and Yeauxlanda Kay


  1. Hello. I took this photo. Please add a photo credit. Thank you. (Anton Nickel)

  2. I saw the show in previews: there were no minor (or major) blemishes. Well written and well-peformed, I found the show funny, profound, smart, thoughtful. A must see!

  3. Indeed. This show is special. They literally construct the story from the ground up right before you eyes. Their deductions are equal parts logical and whimsical and their rapport is natural and funny. This show is so well written and enjoyable from beginning to end and you will leave a more aware, more educated person, with a different perspective than you had beforehand. This show inspires thought, which in my opinion is what separates true art from banal entertainment. It is a must see for sure!