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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shatner's World : A Comfortable Place to Visit

Shatner’s World; We Just Live In It… @ The Music Box
William Shatner ambles around the stage - in Shatner’s World; We Just Live In It… now on stage at The Music Box - comfortable, easygoing and fully in possession of the spotlight.  He spends a little over 90 minutes spinning tales and reminiscing about his career.  Watching the show is a bit like spending the evening with an eccentric old uncle.  Mr. Shatner is funny, interesting, endearing and every now and then a little od
The Man, William Shatner, and the alter-ego he can't forget. 
But above all here, in this venue, he is a showman and he knows what the audience wants. His monologues, stories and video bits never stray away from Captain Kirk or Denny Crane for too long.  He elegantly weaves his backstory and upbringing into a narrative that winds through some of our favorite collective memories.  And in Shatner’s World, this William Shatner is a character that cannot believe his good luck.  It is this acknowledgement that makes William Shatner, the person behind the character, likeable.
The show contains a nice mix of history, video clips and observations that keep the evening rolling along well.  It seems more suited to a informal New York Times talkback or a 92 Street Y evening, but that seems to be splitting hairs.  A full house demonstrated that Bill can sell a room.
Part way through the show, Mr. Shatner told the story of a dreadful theater experience, while doing The World of Susie Wong.  I can’t do it justice here, but to hear him tell it is to gain an entirely new appreciation for his style and work ethic.  I left the theater a much bigger fan than I entered.
Shatner’s World; We Just Live In It… at The Music Box
Playwright: William Shatner
Director: Scott Faris
Cast: William Shatner

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  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG - I totally love William Shatner (or as he signs his tweets to his loyal followers "my best, Bill")

    I will have to tell you about when I stalked him in Orlando at an Insurance conference I attended only because he was keynoting!

    And... you know this is coming... he's CANADIAN!