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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review of Gloss in Minneapolis

So my nephew Sean is in a band, "Gloss."  There is a great review of them below courtsey of We Heart Music)
We Heart Music (W M - LINK) has a review of their set in at BNLXFest.  I am copying it here - and it includes a link to where you can get the song.  It's a great review.
Gloss (with my nephew in the front right)

Gloss at Cause Spirits and Soundbar (11/17/12)

If you guy's haven't noticed, I am really fond of Gloss. And if you were at the 2nd day of BNLXFest, you were privy to why that is. 

The five-piece Gloss definitely carries all the wonderful energy of every great shoegaze and dream-pop band from past years. As the crowd packed into the cozy little venue they started with some brand new instrumental material. The instrumental was a hit, Jordan on the drums was killing it. The crowd was grooving and they cheered graciously as the song finished. Gloss definitely has that early Cure influence, but you can tell that Jeff and crew are big fans of DIIV, Wild Nothing, MBV and Sonic Youth, to name a few. 

Their set was as equally as venue-shaking as any of those bands, and as beautiful as the most crypticRobert Smith lyric. Most of the material were new debut’s, some untitled. The band told me that the two tracks after the instrumental were just titled “80’s Cheese” for now. The next two tracks sounded as if members of The Cure had enlisted a young Morrissey to douse his pained vocals with reverb. The brand new track after all the 80’s cheese is called “Jan’s Dream.” And it made their set flow beautifully. They ended it with a solid take on their single, “Front Porch.” 

These guys definitely rocked it out and impressed the crowd. Very loud cheers and applause were given for a band who help start the night out great. The word is that these fellows might be releasing something physical soon, via small Minnesota based indie label;manic pop! records. Stayed tuned, but for now check out the hypnotizing single, “Front Porch” on their Bandcamp. And catch them at the Kitty Kat Club Dec. 3rd with Carroll, Wild Cathedral, and Strange Relations. 

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