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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Momentum: Ride The Electric Dolphin

The Momentum, now playing on Wednesdays at the Laurie Beechman Theater through February 16th, is a funny and intelligent self-help parody.  It is the perfect show for anyone that has had to sit politely as your friends yammer on about The Secret or EST or The Forum.  Which is not to denigrate how much those programs have helped some people, but not every one wants to hear about it.

The show opens with 3 members taking the stage to applause, which they join in.  They continue applauding long after they should stop.  It is the start of forced chipperness that permeates the show, and the audience is in on the joke from the beginning.  Any question that this is a take off is quickly put to rest as Geoffrey Decas launches into a rapturous discussion of riding THE momentum. “Its like riding a dolphin.  An electric dolphin.  No, its like BEING an electric dolphin.  Like being an electric dolphin with a laser on his head.  But one that only using the laser for good.”
Geoffrey Decas, Jordan Seavey and Boo Killebrew share their enlightenment
After this opening monologue, Mr. Decas is joined by Boo Killebrew and Jordan Seavey two talented actors playing two new adherents to The Momentum.  Ms. Killebrew does an great job of screwing her face into a forced smile, tentative and terrified, but smiling.  She is hilarious just as a presence onstage.  Mr. Seavey shows his insecurity by moving hesitantly around the stage, unsure of where he should be. 

The three Momentum members speak platitudes in unison, with rehearsed “spontaneous” gestures.  It is an effective structure that highlights cult-like acceptance of the tenants of The Momentum.

It is a quick show, which changes tone towards the end.  At the end of the show, all three characters explain how The Momentum has helped them through a personal struggle – most often a relationship break down.  These turn into soliloquies, by turns funny and sad.  In fact, so often they are so sad, you laugh at the black comedy.

The only problem with the direction, by Lee Sunday Evans, is to not bring the three soliloquies back into The Momentum space to wrap it up.  A quick group hug or other self-conscious affirmation was missing before the meeting / show breaks up,  This would have brought the tone full circle.

The Momentum is the perfect show for the Laurie Beechman Theater, where you can sit and drink with friends.  The Momentum is a hilarious experience, best shared –0therwise you might end up being one of “those people” that yammer on about your view of The Momentum.

The Momentum
Director: Lee Sunday Evans
Cast: Geoffrey Decas, Boo Kilebrew, Jordan Seavey

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