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Friday, March 25, 2011

Laughing Liberally: Humor without the Hate

The comedic show now playing through May 22 at the Midtown Theater is called Laughing Liberally; This Ain’t No Tea Party certainly has truth in advertising going for it.  It is a often hilarious look at our politics from a decidedly liberal sensibility.  And it gives the current political situation all the respect and deference it is due.

Which is none.

Having watched straight play parodies of the current political situation fall flat, Laughing Liberally benefits from simply pointing out the real world idiocy with our current political system and making jokes.  Our political climate is so caustic and impaired that parodies cannot compete with the grandiose proclamations made daily – apparently devoid of irony.   The observational humor presented by these comics is topical and funny. 

Laughing Liberally uses a rotating series of comics, six on the night I saw the show.  Some are astoundingly funny, some are merely humorous, but none fell flat.  Interspersed between the comics are faux commercials that keep the pace and topicality up.  These aren’t necessarily stock jokes, as many of the comics referenced facts from the day or week immediately proceeding the show.

Laughing Liberally takes primary aim at the Tea Party Republicans, but there is plenty of outrage to share among all politicians, a vocation that appears to have no prerequisites.  Sarah Palin jokes would begin to feel old, but Michelle Bachman breaths new juice into the feminist crazy side of the equation.

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