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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Wonders of New York (check your town)

So, yesterday I was reminded how amazing New York can be.  I attended a workshop of M – The Musical.
It was a very early reading – and in this case singing – of a work in progress for a new musical.  It was arranged by The Fundamental Theater Project as part of the development process for new works.  I didn’t attend as a critic, but as person able to see and hear something new, and give constructive feedback. 
Anastasia Barzee:
A Killer Lady MacBeth (in the best way)
So, the amazing part?  Well, I cannot believe the creative and talent of Garth Kravits (who did the Music and Lyrics) as well as Laurie Wessely who adapted the book.  It is a pleasure to hear this so early.  And who knows where it goes.  Some things go on to be great, and some never go on.  But to see it this early was a treat.
Also amazing, the talent of the people that sang this and brought it together out of respect for the piece.  The talent was stupendous, really.  New York is awash in people trying to make it in the theater; and too few get the big break.  I wish more people could have heard these voices, some of which are known and some, unknown.  They were great.
If you are interested in seeing some works being developed, keep an eye pealed for theater groups that do this in your neighborhood.  If you happen to be in, or visiting, New York you can contact the Fundamental Theater Project which runs think-tanks regularly (website). 

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