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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New York Mag's Review of HEARTLESS

Now I quite enjoyed Heartless - even though I loaded the review with disclaimers that everyone else might  not like it (LINK to my review).  Still, I heard that perhaps I was too kind to the show.  I disagree.
But, I recently saw the New York Magazine's Review - and I have to agree with it.  The last line, in particular, is my favorite.

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Sam Shepard’s headless black comedy Heartless— about an empty, Lena Dunham–esque videographer (Julianne Nicholson) with a mysterious dollar-matinee chest scar, her sixtysomething lost-soul boyfriend (Gary Cole), and her doped-up mother Mable (Lois Smith)—feels like a young man’s work, reworked and worked over and overworked harrumphingly by an older one. Director Daniel Aukin has no clue what to do with this Frankenplay, so he lets his fantastically hambone ensemble function as a jam band—with expert cantankerist Smith on lead sax. Thrilling, transfixing nonsense ensues (at the Pershing Square Signature Center through September 30). 

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