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Monday, February 6, 2017

Hi Fun and Deep Thought with HI-FI | WI-FI | SCI-FI at La Mama

Have you always wondered if you would like “Experimental Theater”? If so, then HI-FI | WI-FI | SCI-FI is the show for you. It is an interesting, fun, and easy show to watch and enjoy.  And yet there is a undercurrent of disruption and anger just below the surface that is refreshing.

Valois Mikens and Agosto Machado: photo Minji Lee

Robert Patrick wrote all four pieces at different times, one is a World Premier.  The first two pieces, Action and Camera Obscura, address personal interactions in a digital age, which is amazing when you realize they were written over 25 years ago.
All in the Mind. Like Camera Obscura, is presented primarily via digital projection. It is a verbal history of the future where mankind has moved to a shared sensatory experience and telepathy. It works much better than it reads.

Simultaneous Transmissions was written immediately after the Vietnam War, but seems more relevant now than ever. The final piece, Anything is Plausible, is a love letter and warning from the future.
HI-FI | WI-FI | SCI-FI is a lot f fun, played beautifully by all actors, with particular emphasis on the work of three leads - Agosto Machado, Valois Mickens and John Gutierrez. Directed by three different people, Billy, Clark, Jason Trucco and Il Kyu Park, the show works well as a singular whole.
Playwright: Robert Patrick | Directors: Billy, Clark, Jason Trucco and Il Kyu Park | Cast: Agosto Machado, Valois Mickens, John Gutierrez, Yeena Sung, Harold Lehmann, Kang Man Hong

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