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Monday, May 17, 2021

Little Shop of Horrors Returns on Sept 21 with Jeremy Jordan

Post-covid theater news is busting out all over. The wildly successful off-Broadway run of Little Shop of Horrors is coming back on September 21.

The amazing stars Tammy Blanchard and Christian Borle will return in their roles, and the lead will be turned over to Jeremy Jordan. I will confess to mixed feelings here. Mainly excitement, because I love Jeremy Jordan and his voice. But I am also a little wary of young handsome Mr. Jordan playing the totally nebbish Seymour. I suppose glass and a bad wardrobe will make it work.

I believe I last saw Jeremy Jordan on Broadway in Newsies and American Son. But he has shared his talents on the stage, film and television projects (like Smash and Supergirl)

Jeremy Jordan 

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