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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Currently Running: Peter and the Star Catcher

I didn’t review Peter and the Star Catcher when it was first released, but I have seen the show since – last week in fact.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to do a full review now, but I did want to give my impressions of the show.  I went to see it because I had heard great things about it – and it is nominated for a number of Tonys.  I wanted to see most of the nominated shows before the awards ceremonies.  I think it will be fun to know more before rooting for my favorites (and trashing the rest J).

Pirate Black Stache (Christian Borle) taunts Lord Astor - Molly's father (Rick Holmes)

I am sharing my feedback – not as a review, just as notes.  But the short answer is the show is great and I highly recommend it.
Peter and the Star Catcher is, at its most basic, might be said to be the back-story of Peter Pan.  The play relates the tall-tale of three orphans (the lost boys), pirates, shipwrecks, Queen Victoria and “star stuff”, catalyst for dreams.  It is told in a beautifully simplistic way, with more imagination that most shows on Broadway ever use.  Ropes are used to define rooms, show waves and point the way forward.  Instead of a full scale fight between ships, Pirate Black Stache moves a model boat among the waves.
Celia Keenan-Bolger (right) and an
amazing Arnie Burton
This works for two reasons.  First, it is children’s tale, where imagination makes sense.  It seems like an elaborate bedtime story.  The staging and storytelling works perfectly in this sense.   The second reason this show works is the energy and commitment of the players.  The show garnered nominations for best featured actor and actress in a play.
 Nominated Christian Borle plays Black Stache, as well as other roles.  In the role of Pirate Black Stache, he is manically over the top – perfect for the role.  Nominated Celia Keenan-Bolger plays Molly, daughter of the Captain of Her Majesty’s Ship and Star Catcher in training.   The entire cast works together beautifully.  A salute also has to go out to Adam Chanler-Berat – who plays Boy / Peter.  I saw him (a lot) in Next to Normal, and I wasn’t sure he would work in this role.  I was wrong, he is magical as Peter. Go see this show - it is appropriate for kids, but wonderful for adults.
It was just announced that Peter and the Star Catcher will go on tour, starting in Denver in August of 2013.

Peter and the Star Catcher Website 

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