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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Linda Lavin: Nominated for The Lyons

I went to watch The Lyons last week.  I wanted to see it because Linda Lavin was nominated for Best Featured Role for an Actress in a Play, and I hadn't had the chance to see it before.  Let me say, Linda Lavin deserves that nomination.
Michael Esper, Dick Latessa, Linda Lavin and Kate Jennings Grant - the Lyons family

Ms Lavin is dominating in The Lyons.  And, as an actress, pretty fearless.  Most insensitive lead characters have a mitigating trait later on in the show.  Something, or someone, had caused the caustic demeanor of the character.  Linda Lavin's role as the matriarch of the Lyons family has no such contributing quality. She is a caustic character, and Linda Lavin makes her believable. She is hilarious, providing of course, she isn't your mother.
Ultimately there was something very refreshing about such a character.  Admittedly, I do have a weak spot for black comedies, and this is the blackest of comedies.  If it sounds remotely interesting to you, see this show.  It is worth it, and is unlike most shows out there.  I do admit, The Lyons is my first Nicky Silver show, and I think it might be very representative of his work.

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