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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fundamental Theatre Project Fun Nights

A young man I saw in Shaw's Candida, Sam Underwood, has started a new theatre group as Artistic Director. It is called the "Fundamental Theater Project." More information here on the group here.
I don't know how great he is as an Artistic Director - but he was great in the show I saw (my review at the bottom of the post.)
They are having a 2 night fundraiser - the first a singalong and the second a reading of a play.
Both are noted in the poster and on the site.
Feel free to join them - I'm going to try to make it as well. It should be fun - and the Artistic Director is a Brit and the young lady who is Producing Director is Irish - so you know they can drink if they have to.

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  1. Just so everyone is aware

    Spring Sing a Song starts at 8pm - karaoke craziness, free food, cheap drinks and an amazing raffle!

    Play and a Pint! night, we will be doing a staged reading of a new play, 'The Insidious Impact of Anton' starting at 7.30pm, followed by cheap drinks and live music from the Rock n Roll sounds of 'Renee and the Derelicts'

    look forward to seeing you all there!