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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Subject of "The Glass House"

Opening on Sunday are two plays, "The Glass House" and "The Architect" alternating nights in rep. Both plays deal with Architects and Architecture. The subject of "The Glass House" is Mies van der Rohe house outside Chicago (in Plano Illinois).
The play uses the rumored relationship between Architect and patron to understand why, when the project was very nearly finished, Mrs. Farnsworth (not married) put an end to their collaboration.
The week-end retreat house was restored to its original design intent after Mrs. Farnsworth sold it in 1972 (21 years after completion). The new owner, a British Art collector, restored it to the original vision of van der Rohe - as seen above.
Mrs. Farnsworth had made various changes to it that infuriated the architect including a bronzed in screen porch and a teak closet that ruined the look. The play deals with the vision of both the Architect and the Patron as well as the human relationship that might have ruined it.
Full review on Sunday after it opens.

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