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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Foreverman: Part of the New York Musical Theater Festival Wrap Up

One of the real pleasures at the New York Music Festival this past July was a new musical call Foreverman, based on an original idea.   It is an “old school” type musical, with a sweeping score and intense songs focusing on love across the ages.

It is the story of two friends, a 17th century upper class scientist and his lower class assistant, who discover an elixir for immortality.  They both sample the result, but then divide the recipe so that neither person can use it by alone.  The friendship is strained, and ultimately pulled apart by a woman, who is dying and self-apprenticed to the men.  Will, the scientist, falls deeply in love with the young lady and is heartsick when she passes away.

The story continues 170 years later as the two men’s paths cross again, this time both trying to save women they love.  Their hostility turns to understanding and then back to friendship as they watch their loved ones die.
Adam Monley

Omar Lopes-Cepero
Foreverman is the work of a fresh voice Brett M. Boles, who wrote the Book, Music and Lyrics.  It is young Mr. Boles second full work, and it is quite impressive.  There are some overwrought moments, but the New York Musical Theater Festival is built for working out kinks.  And this show had fewer bugs to work out than most other shows.

Director Stephen Nachamie was lucky enough to get some amazing voiced actors to sing this musical. Omar Lopes-Cepero and Adam Monley handled the leading roles with vocal mastery., but all the cast was top notch.

Foreverman, as part of the New York Musical Theater Festival, had a short, trial run – but it proved to deserve a longer stint so that more people can enjoy it.

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